25+ Years of Experience

Transforming Lives Through Music

Hosting extraordinary events for the good of those in need.

Meet Global Needs

Connecting with urban communities around the world to provide financial support, musical training, and more.

Spread the Gospel

Unapologetically and unashamedly declaring the good news about the Kingdom of God through music.

Events & Resources

Equipping you with the tools and the insights that you will need in order to flourish as a worship leader.

Prayze Where It Matters Most

Using the power of music to heal the soul

We are a non-profit platform created to provide a proactive resource for worship, gospel and musical ministry events. A portion of all of our paid resources are set aside for charitable support towards underprivileged areas in the urban community internationally.

"The essential element of Prayze Foundation includes organizing and hosting concerts with local and international artists."

Our unique approach

Music as the sole change agent.

Humanitarian Aid

Organizing and hosting prayze and worship events to raise funds for charitable organizations and communities that need financial support.

Musical Training

Providing lower income urban communities with the training and equipment they need to develop their musical gifts & talents.

Prayze And Worship

Cultivating an atmosphere of God's transformative power to stimulate cognitive and emotional healing in our communities.

Upcoming Events

Relive our past events and make plans to be at our upcoming ones!


Women in Worship: The Secret Place & Anointing

The role of a worship leader extends beyond singing, encompassing deeper elements such as cultivating the Secret Place

Past Events

Relive our past events and make plans to be at our upcoming ones!

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